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ISP Solutions understands how important it is for our customers to access the internet regularly and with no interruptions. 

Since 2012, ISP Solutions continues to offer our customers services that focus on creating an excellent experience

Affordability is something that is close to our hearts just as reliability and trust of our customers are 

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Communications have profoundly changed. So have we.

Change is an essential part of ISP Solutions. 

Our original business brought Digital Telephone lines to families and small businesses.

And now we’re making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help you stay ahead.

We’re uniquely flexible when it comes to our capabilities. We have integrated with some of  South Africa's  best providers to propel you to indulge in long strolls on expansive beaches, enjoying the charming atmosphere of a coastal town, munching on the freshest seafood… what more do you need?

Together we are stretching our legs even further than we ever imagined it could because the feeling of achieving our goals are truly satisfying.

And one of our goals is to be there when you do!

Our offerings are not only customizable but also easy to implement. Our service is not only great but also personal.

We have included a lot of value. Want to try some?

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Are you keen on getting services without straining too much for them? If this is you, then you will love ISP Solutions

We are one of the companies that has structured offers to be simple,  straightforward and affordable

No contracts, no credit checks, just fast reliable internet connections whenever you need coupled with services

which compliment you

With such a guarantee, you cannot afford not to be part

of our company's loyal customers

We respect your constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression.

We respect your constitutional right to personal privacy and privacy of communications when using internet services.

We respect the confidentiality of customers’ personal information and electronic communications.

We just want to say...

For having faith in us

We just want to say...

for having faith in us

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