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Moving between cloud-hosted systems is much easier than you expect

For most companies the question is no longer

“Should we move our PBX to the cloud?”

but rather

“Who should move our PBX to the cloud?”

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Call Rates

Moving to a cloud based telephone solutions is easier than you imagine.

By next month your phone bill could be more than two thirds less.

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our integrated services

Money saving

Open the door to true cost saving cloud hosted telephone solutions

Easy Management

Remote management of your cloud solution makes it affordable

Valuable Reach

Free inter branch and remote worker calls and transfer to any destination

Call flow

Manage your call flow to maximize productivity and profit to any destination

IVR and music on hold

Free music on hold for remote destinations too, and IVR for your main branch

Scalable & Flexible

Flexibility to easily move, downsize, expand or terminate whenever you choose.

Easy Analytics

Easily keep track of your phone bill and spend with reporting on demand

IP Based Telephony

State of the art IP telephone equipment on site for durability and reliability

Free Remote Support

Free remote support to make amendments as your requirements adjusts

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Benefits of ISP Solutions Cloud PBX

Various Features

Geographic numbers (e.g. 011, 021) can be ported from any existing service provider.

With a cloud PBX the bulk of the setup is done before delivery takes place.

Control your business’s expenses and employee productivity by remotely managing your PBX system in real-time.

Add or subtract users and telephone lines as and when needed in no time!

What’s more, you are not tied down to long term contracts, you can simply subscribe on a month to month agreement.

Keep Your Existing Number
Simple Setup and Sound Stability
Giving You Freedom and Control
State of The Art Telephony
Scalability and Flexibility
door phones

From start-ups to large corporates ISP Solutions caters to everyone

Trusted by thousands of happy customers across South Africa

No Contracts.

Full Remote Working Capabilities

Our friendly and highly trained support team provides exceptional service whenever you need it!

Our flexible cloud hosted system will grow and retract with your business.

Enhance your brand, product or service with a system that improves communication with your customers.

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How to start real saving

Send us your details

Quickest way is to send us your contact details, we won't sell you anything, we will discuss your requirements and possible solutions you will love

Collaborate & Solve

Once your requirements are discussed and possible solutions, we collaborate in different routes you can follow to streamline your business telephones

Start Calling & Saving

Should you love our solutions and decide to signup, you can expect to see a saving as soon as the next month on your current bill with a lot of features included

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Hosted PBX in the Cloud
Powered by quality & reliability

Now your teams can efficiently make and take calls at the office, from home or just about anywhere with our the full cloud-based PBX Platform. Unlike traditional PABX phone systems, which are negatively affected by landline cable theft and load-shedding, Hosted PBX in the Cloud is not at risk of any of these challenges.

Cloud PBX Features at a Glance

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Customize voice response to ensure incoming calls are prompted to the most appropriate person or department.

Call Routing

Set specific rules for each extension based on custom availability and where calls should be directed.

Call Forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to another destination, such as a mobile phone number, when the called party is unavailable.

DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

With a local phone number forwarded to your PBX system, you can have a local presence without physically located there.

Voicemail to Email

Send voice message audio files as email attachments to quicken response time when out of the office.

Call Recording

Record every phone conversation and store call recording files in external storage for training, quality control, etc.

Your business will benefit from the latest features and functionality without having to consider costly hardware updates. Cloud PBX systems are devised for simple administration and easy integration where user features and functionality are added at the tick of a box, rather than lengthy technical support tickets.

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We help you create your

telephone system!

NO contracts. NO hidden costs
A free cloud hosted telephone system you will enjoy
Scalable, reliable, always available
Looking at a more mobile option?

The Mobility Advantage

• Mobile PBX is designed to provide Corporate and SMEs with business grade telephony features, on a true Fixed Mobile Converged solution.

• Use traditional PBX features, like Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Receptionist, etc. on a mobile phone.

• No need to get new numbers, or change your marketing or business cards to reflect new phone numbers.

• Lower operational cost than a traditional PBX.

• Save on call costs by making calls at fixed line call rates, even from linked mobile phones.

• No incoming call forwarding charges to transfer business calls to mobile phones.

• MobiPBX does not need traditional pabx Telco or internet lines, therefore no line rental charges.

• No need to upgrade your data network and cabling to support IP telephones or a voip pabx, as the solution can work purely on our network using mobile phones. 

• Manage staff call costs by having detailed call records and charges with optional TMS, plus control what numbers staff can dial. 

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Here at ISP Solutions we have handpicked superior telephone equipment over the years and the brands we use are carefully selected and combined to give you the best telecommunication experience the industry has to offer

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