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A Business Class Service At A Ridiculously
Low Low Low

From homes wanting to save money on phone calls to large businesses doing thousands of minutes a month,

we have a cost saving solution you will love.

Carrier grade digital telephone lines for any requirement

No monthly fees and no setup costs!

Home user and start-up business accounts are free

High capacity and high quality business-class Digital telephone Line service featuring always-on technology.

Rates are volume based, start from as low as 75c per minute 

(billed per second).

A true cost saving replacement for any telephone line service.

Reliable quality calls anyone will enjoy.

Our voice solutions are structured in different tiers to suit the single home user up to enterprise and everything in between

Our affordable post paid offers

essential st

The Starter

Recommended For:


Start out customers

Business Startups

Calling 1-15 000 minutes monthly

Clients with 1-10 extensions

Start @ R0.75c


The Loyal

Recommended For:

Small Businesses

Current loyal customers

Business Startups

Calling 15-50 000 minutes monthly

Clients with 1-10 extension

Start @ R0.65c 


The Big Spender

Recommended For:

Larger businesses

High volume customers

Long standing customers

Calling 50 000+ minutes monthly

Clients with 10+ extensions

Start @ R0.55c


Recommended For:

Recommended For:


IT Companies

Corporate clients

High volume customers

Resellers start off

Reviewed every 6 months

Start @ R0.45c


Recommended For:

Recommended For:

ISP's with client base

IT Companies with client base

Resellers with client base

Our long standing loyals

Resellers next level

Reviewed every 6 months

Start @ R0.35c


Does unused monthly talk time rollover to the following month?

Depends if you choose post paid or pre paid digital telephone lines.

Post paid digital telephone lines are billed on a monthly basis according to the amount of calls you made during the month.

Prepaid digital telephone lines are also billed monthly and the talk time does roll over for three months.

Do Voice products require RICA documentation?

Yes. You need to produce your ID and proof of address that is less than three months old.

How do I send my documents?

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain all the information you require to upload your documents.

How long does the RICA process take?

It can take up to three business days. We will inform you as soon as your RICA application is approved, after which you can use your digital telephone line immediately.

Can I resell your digital telephone lines?

We have reseller options available which is structured spesificly for this purpose. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Can I Call To Any Number?

You can call any South African number - landline or mobile - while within South Africa or if you travel internationally. You cannot, however, make a call to an international number, whether in SA or outside, unless you ask us to do the config for you. this only applies to post paid accounts.

Who will setup and configure my Voice phone?

We pre-configure all phones purchased through us with the correct setting. We will then courier your ready-to-use equipment to you. All you will then need to do is plug it into your router or network and you are good to go. we also offer on site setup of equipment where needed and will also gladly assist your IT department with setup.

Do I have to use your equipment?

No, you can use your existing IP equipment or IP phones (please note that if you purchased devices and equipment somewhere else, we can assist in the setup however we do not have knowledge on every kind of brand but we will assist where we can). You can also use a few sip applications on your mobile phone.

What do I need to do to transfer my Telkom landline number to you?

You will need to supply us with a copy of your Telkom telephone bill not older than 3 months (please note that your account needs to be settled, or Telkom will not release your number) and an authorization letter in which you give us permission to port.

How long does the Telkom line transfer take?

It can take up to 14 working days (once your Telkom account is settled).


digital telephone


Get a free digital telephone line and make truly affordable calls from about any IP device. Make calls at ridiculously low call rates. Calls are billed per second, no hidden charges! 

Call rates start at 75c per minute, Call discounts are volume based, the more you call the more discount you can get. Simple.

Our digital telephone lines can even be used on your smartphone using our amazing calling app. Straight forward simplicity.

Hassle free compatibility with almost any IP based device..

Get started with a digital telephone line
app calling
Yes! It is written everywhere
Savings are on the table

It is written in books, and all over the internet. Maybe you have them or maybe not yet. But unlike vaccines, this will be the options for the future. It is quickly becoming the way we communicate, and the way we all are able to save a lot of money.

The truth is. So many are advertising their cost saving solutions and yet no savings are seen. That's why ISP Solutions has formulated a plan, and YOU are to benefit from it. If you are looking to save money on phone calls with immediate effect, you will love our digital telephone lines.

No fuss, easy to implement and true cost saving, right from the start. No fuss, No excuse. And if you do not save money, we will refund you in full.

Our commitment goes beyond just cost saving. We provide a always on digital telephone line solution ready to be integrated anywhere in South Africa.

ISP Solutions - Connecting you to a better future

Order your first digital telephone line

Super Low Cost Calls Even From Your Smartphone.

Save 70% on calls to all destinations locally and abroad

*Excludes special destinations. On-Net or App to App calls are free.

Get started with a digital telephone line
Low Low Low
Calling Rates

The cheapest method to call any destination, even from your smartphone. A true replacement for making all calls locally and internationally.

Moving to a cloud based telephone solutions is easier than you imagine.

By next month your phone bill could be more than a third less.

Get started with a digital telephone line

For most companies the question is no longer

“Should we move our PBX to the cloud?”

but rather

“Who should move our PBX to the cloud?”

Get started with a digital telephone line

On Net Calls

pure per second billing
going at


per minute

  • On Net Calls Are FREE

Digital Telephone Lines allows you to make free calls to other ISP Solutions numbers on our network

Mobile Calls

pure per second billing
starting at


per minute

  • AFFORDABLE Mobile Calls

Digital Telephone Lines allows you to make affordable calls to any mobile number in the world

Landline Calls

pure per second billing 
 starting at


per minute

  • AFFORDABLE Landline Calls

Digital Telephone Lines allows you to make affordable calls to any landline number in the world

Call rate discounts are volume based - Call more and receive more. Simple

Get started with a digital telephone line

Looking for an


telephone service that works?

Perfect for anyone with fibre or mobile Internet looking for a home or business telephone number that is flexible, affordable, and extremely easy-to-use. Staight forward simplicity.


means no contracts

Keep Your Number

Port your current Geographic Telephone Number to us and take it with you anywhere in the world

Zero monthly subscription

In comparison to traditional landline and VoIP providers, our digital telephone lines has no monthly line or rental fees

Pure per Second Billing

No hidden costs, no underlying contracts. Stay in control and simply call where ever you want at affordable rates

Free on net calls

Make free calls to anyone on our network or to any number on our network, anywhere in the world

Moving between cloud-hosted systems is much easier than you expect

Get started with a digital telephone line

A BETTER phone service for your business or from home

With our digital telephone lines you can replace your outdated phones with future-proof IP phones or install the our mobile app on your smartphone for more mobility. We will supply you with a free unique 087 number, or you can make use of your existing landline number after porting your number to us.

We recommend that you make use of our supported IP phone brands, but there are other options available to you. If you are using another handset that was not purchased from us, then you can manually enter your account details. Just make sure you never give these details out to anyone, as this could compromise the security of your account.  If you have an existing IP phone, it is important to note that we may not always be able to support or assist you in the configuration of your phone however we will at all times advise you on the best solutions.


Things to keep in mind when using digital telephone lines

voip (1)

Our digital telephone line service is entirely dependent on the quality of the Internet connection you are using when making or receiving a phone call. Which is why we recommend connections that do not generally suffer from congestion or high latency such as FTTH (Fibre to the Home) or Fixed Home LTE. Other connectivity types, such as ADSL, 3G, WiFi or Mobile LTE will also work. However, we do not recommend relying on these connectivity types as they are prone to congestion and high latency which result in poor call quality.

Get Recommended Connectivity
Our service backbone is an enterprise grade platform with built in redundancy for an always-on business class service. Call quality is of the highest standards and uptime is in the 99,9 percentile.

- ISP Solutions

What about Whatsapp calling you ask? Whatsapp is not a business class service, and you can only call other whatsapp users, not anyone in the world with a telephone number.

Digital Telephone Lines anyone can afford!

Get started with a digital telephone line

We are a world Class service provider

with a stunning

Product range

Great connectivity should be complimented with great products.

Here at ISP Solutions we have handpicked superior telephone equipment over the years and the brands we use are carefully selected and combined to give you the best telecommunication experience the industry has to offer

ISP Solutions

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Introducing Introducing Introducing

BizConf - the FREE business telephone conference service.


Anyone can join or create a conference. Its free to use by all South Africans locally or abroad.

Free Business Class Telephone Conference Service

BizConf | 087654 57 59

From time to time everyone requires a quick and easy to use telephone conference facility. Even better if it is free to use. Unfortunately callers outside of our network will pay a normal calling rate to call into a Bizconf. For all users on our network the call and service is completely free.


Anyone who dials in can create multiple conference rooms.


After a conference is created it can be shared with anyone in the world.


Anyone with a telephone can join a BizConf telephone conference.


High call quality, always on telephone conference service.

Create your Conference

  1. Call the Bizconf number: 087 654 5759
  2. Press 2 to create a conference.
  3. Enter a 5 digit pin for your conference (example: 12345).
  4. If the pin is in use you will be asked to enter a new pin.
  5. Your pin will be read back to you once it was accepted.
  6. You will be transfered back to the main menu where you can press 1 to join a conference, or you may safely hangup and join your conference later again.
  7. Unused conferences are deleted after 6 months, but its free to create a new one. 

Join a Conference

  1. Call the Bizconf number: 087 654 5759
  2. Press 1 to join a conference.
  3. You can press 1 to join the same conference as last time you called in, and it wont ask you for a pin again.
  4. Alternatively press option 2 to join a different conference, for which you will be asked to enter the 5 digit pin.
  5. When you join a conference you will be asked to say your name and to press # afterward. 

Invite to Conference

  1.  To invite participants simply share the 5 digit conference pin with anyone.
  2. Participants can call the Bizconf number: 087 654 5759
  3. Press 1 to join a conference.
  4. Press 1 to join the same conference (2nd time users) or press 2 to join a different (new users) conference.
  5. Enter the 5 digit conference pin.
  6. Record your name and press the # key

Changes & Admin

Call the Bizconf number 087 654 5759 and press 3Conferences are free to create. If the conference pin was lost, simply create a new conference and share the new pin with all the participants. Users joining the same conference as the previous time wont be asked for a pin. Bizconf remembers the previous conference a user has joined and will try to automatically connect users to their known conferences. 

Free Business Class Telephone Conference Service

BizConf | 087 654 5759

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