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PV Systems (Photovoltaic Systems)

Photovoltaic systems or PV Systems as they are commonly known is a power system that is designed to supply usable power by means of sunlight and photovoltaics. It’s a means of generating electricity that can be consumed. When sunlight is absorbed by these materials, the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material to produce electricity. This process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage) is called the photovoltaic (PV) effect.

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Power solutions for home and office. We have solutions to suit your budget. ISP Solutions also provides a variety of easy financing options catering for residential and commercial solar, making your move to solar energy, effortless.


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Solar panels, power storage and inverters

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Energy Storage
Providing the most reliable and affordable energy storage products with up-to-date technology, enabling all the homes and businesses to get self-powered and even go off-grid around the world.
bi-directional inverters
Control an output signal, to notify a back-up generator to start when needed. Inverters can be added in future should the need arise. Extremely reliable inverters from home to enterprise applications.
Photovoltaic Array
PV Array will be limited to the Inverter capacity but can be scaled according to the requirements of our clients. Each 1kW of PV array will be able to produce between the minimum 4.00kWh per day, and the maximum 6.00kW day and come with a 25 year, 80% performance warrantee.
“Affordable Clean Energy For All” is our vision, enabling households, villages and enterprises from all over to achieve their energy independent goals by harnessing the inexhaustible solar energy.
Solar Solutions

Solar solutions you will love which also fit your budget

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Homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations - Power at a lower cost than generated by burning fossil fuels. We’ve revolutionized the way energy is delivered. Cleaner, more affordable alternative and friendly to your monthly utility bill.

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Solar PV Systems – Easy financing option is also available catering for residential and commercial solar applications, making your move to solar energy, effortless and affordable.

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We offer a complete solution from design, to supply and installation to meet your exact requirements. Renewable energy simple, accessible and affordable.

Some turn to generators for backup power solutions, but there is a better way: Backup Power Solutions from ISP Solutions with backup batteries and inverters. Generators are OK as a short term quick and dirty solution, but for long term regular power failures an inverter with backup batteries are much better.

What size back up power solution do you require?

The size of the solution is dependent on the number of appliances, light and other equipment you want to use during periods when no power is available from the gird.

A key consideration is the energy usage of the equipment, therefore we differentiate between essential load items (lights, security systems, fridge, freezer, TVs, internet routers, etc.) and heavy load items such as geysers, stoves, aircons, and pumps.

Adding up all the essential load items that you require to function at the same time during a power failure will give you the peak power requirements. This must be less than the backup power rating of the system you purchase.

How many appliances can you run at once?

The power rating of the inverter will determine how much peak power can be supplied at once.

In other words, how many appliances and type of appliances can be on at the same time. The peak power rating of each system will determine how many appliances can be operated at once. Adding up the power usage of all the appliances that are on at the same time, will give you the peak power usage of all the appliances. This must be less than the backup power rating of the system you buy.

If more loads are put on the inverter than its rating, it will shut down to protect itself

The small system (with the 3000 Watt inverter) will be more than sufficient power to supply all of your essential appliances like:

Lights Internet routers

Cell phone chargers

TVs Computers and printers

Alarm & Electric fence 

Fridges and freezers

Inverter sizes:

Our standard systems are available in two inverter sizes, 3000 Watt and 5000 Watt.

The 3000 Watt system:

Will be able to run TVs, Computers and Laptops, Lights

Will more than likely not provide enough power to power appliances, such as: Kettles, Fridges and Freezers, Coffee machines, Microwaves, Toasters, Geysers, Pool pumps. 


The 5000 Watt system: 

Will be able to run TVs, Computers and Laptops, Lights, Kettles, Fridges and Freezers, Coffee machines, Microwaves, Toasters and pool pumps.

5KWH Backup

This will more than likely not provide enough power to power appliances, such as: Geysers, stoves and ovens.

General Notes:

All our Backup Power Systems are compatible with solar power, so you can start with just the Backup Power System, and then, later on, add solar panels. All systems are scalable, so you can start with the smaller system, and add another system, later on, to double up on the available peak power output. Storage space is scalable, so you can start with just one battery, and add more batteries, later on, to increase the available energy storage space, and thus available backup time. Systems can be integrated into your DB board.

We have options for enterprise applications and will do a site survey to conclude and plan your solar transition.

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