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The only thing that will make you remarkable is being worth remarking about.
- ISP Solutions

Refer a friend. Get rewarded.

ISP solutions encourage existing customers to recommend our brand to their friends, family and colleagues.

Would you like to be amazingly rewarded just by referring ISP Solutions to your friends and colleagues —

plus give them a 20% discount?

Even a visit to the website gets rewarded!

What's in it for me What's in it for me What's in it for me
Earn Some

Your refer a friend

You earn 5 iBucks in your wallet

Your friend makes a  purchase

You earn 20 iBucks in your wallet

Your friend signs up

You earn 5 iBucks in your wallet

Every referral gets rewarded

Get 1% discount for every referral

Earn Some

You visit our website daily

You earn 1 iBuck in your wallet every time

You leave a product review

You earn 5 iBucks in your wallet

Settle your account before the 5th of the next month

You can get 5% discount for punctuality

Stay with us for 6 moths

Get up to 50% back of your 6th months' bill in the next month - every 6 months

Earn Some

When your newly referred friend makes a first time purchase of R300-00 or more, your friend will receive a 20% discount

You may refer as many friends as you like - the more you refer the more rewards you earn

Every referral earns you 1% discount, this gets added up to 100% discount off your monthly bill

You will also find other amazing rewards on our website every now and again such as cash backs and freebies

The secret is to visit regularly not to miss these

How do I get started How do I get started How do I get started

Create an account in the shop and start earning your amazing rewards today

In the shop, click on My Account and enter your details if you haven't done so yet

Once your account is active, click on My Wallet to find your unique link to share wherever and with whoever you choose

You will also discover other great options in your "My Account" such as live display of your referral signups,

referral iBucks earned as well as other very useful stuff. 

Our rewards program is free to join and any one can join at anytime. 

You can spend your iBucks on any item in our shop.

We add some great items for you from time to time to spice things up a little.

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