Telephones & Devices for the future

Compliment your connectivity

Great connectivity opens doors for great communication.

And digital telephone lines are the future of communication.

Compliment your connectivity with super awesome telephone equipment

and have a digital telephone line at home, a telephone system for your home office

or for your corporate offices.

Our lines combined with super awesome handsets helps any operation thrive.

Our handsets are truly made for any operation, big or small without the hefty price tag .

Yealink W52p
W52B Base + W52H IP DECT Phone

Easy DECT, Easy Business.

A SIP Cordless Phone System designed specifically for small businesses and SOHO operations

Only: R 1499.00
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Yealink W60p
W60B Base + W56H IP DECT Phone Compact and aesthetically pleasing perfect for any home or office
Only: R 1899.00
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Yealink w56p
W53B Base + W53H IP DECT Phone

A high-performance SIP cordless phone system, is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses or office

Only: R 1699.00
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Yealink T31p

A classic IP phone that delivers a user-friendly experience. It's designed for small businesse users as it supports two SIP accounts and it's got PoE integrated.

Only: R 989.00
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t46u. desk
Yealink T46u
Productivity-enhancing SIP Phone for Office Workers and Professionals perfect for any home or office. Sound and hear with remarkable clarity
Only: R 2299.00
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Yealink T33g

Facilitate the communication, enrich your business. Due to great performance, T3 series is capable to extend more services for different business demands.

Only: R 1090.00
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Gigaset AS690IP

With large illuminated display and perfect sound this cordless dual line phone is in a class if its own. Comes with Brilliant audio / hands free mode quality and more

Only: R 1499.00
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Gigaset E630 Go
Robust and enduring.

Developed for challenging everyday situations – the sort you come across time after time. Waterproof, dust-resistant and especially shockproof

Only: R 1759.00
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Gigaset 540IP

An exceptionally versatile phone with the ability to make up to 3 parallel calls. Experience the convenience of multi-line calling, HD voice, flexible and convenient

Only: R 1399.00
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Gigaset GX290

A rugged phone with pure Android and 6,200mAh battery

fast charging over USB-C. The 6.1” screen is optimized for outdoor use and is guarded by Gorilla Glass 3

Only: R 8999.00
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Gigaset GS190
A solid device with staying power

Value for money, with a near bezel-less 6.1-inch display, powerful quad-core processor, fast-charging 4,000-mAh battery, face recognition, fingerprint sensor and the latest Android 9 Pie version

Only: R 4999.00
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Gigaset S650HPro

Opimised for everyday use in office environments. Absolute convenience while calling With its high-quality polymer finish and is scratch- and disinfectant resistant

Only: R 2499.00
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Freedom to finance

Easy finance Available

Easy finance options are available for products or a combination of products above R 10 000-00

Product in our store can be financed provided that the amount is above R10000-00 in total. You can combine products such as telephone equipment eg 10x IP phones or office machines and be eligible for our easy finance options